This is my first 2d game in unity, the main gameplay features are finished, it's still missing a story and levels, I might finish it depending on comments and reviews, please feel free to comment any opinion, highlight mistakes or anything, I would really appreciate that.

Update I added some levels to the game, if there are any mistakes please feel free to highlight them.

Development log


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hello, did you make the game using tutorials and lessons or you just experiented a little with everything and then made everything on your own?
Thanks for the answer in advance.

Also you can infinitely jump on the walls if you hold d or a when close to them and press jump

hey there, actually I was just trying out stuff then I though it could be cool to actually make a game, so I started adding features and every time I get stuck with something I just go to brackeys haha , but mostly just writing stuff and figuring out why it won't work 


Hey there. Firstly don't forget to turn off sprite filter since this is a 8-bit game (Clamp + Compression). Also the character hitbox is a bit too large from the animation sprite.

Thanks for the feedback, yea I've realized that I forgot to resize the hitbox before building the game, however the finished game would be allot better hopefully. 


Yes I will wait for it!

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